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Physical Education Survey

This survey is about physical education in different countries. It was created by Alkiviadis Rahanis, Dimitris Makaronis and Antonis Zafeirellis at 3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene. The questions are optional. Thank you for your participation!

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A recipe for a dessert

Tropical Fruit Salad Ingredients: 500 g strawberries 1 mango 3 Kiwi 1 small banana (s) 1 pineapple 300 g currants For the sauce: 250 g yoghurt 40 g of honey servings Preparation: Working time: about 50 minutes Resting time: 1 hour / Difficulty: smart / Energy value : 250 kcal Wash the strawberries, clean and … Continue reading

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Breakfast Survey

A breakfast survey was created by students Parisa Katsakouli and Hlia Pandazopoulou from the 3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene. It includes 9 useful questions about breakfast in different countries. The students built the survey with the Google forms tool.

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Yogurt Fantasy, A Delicious And Healthy Dessert

This delicious dessert can be prepared in 10 minutes or less!

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Eating habits of teenagers from Lithuania comparing and contrasting with 3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene ,Greece

There are many differences between eating habits of teenagers from Plunge academic A.Jucys basic school, Lithuania  and  their peers from  3th Gymnasium of Mytilene, Greece. First of all Greek students have less ( most of all 1-3 times a day) meals and snacks every day than students from Lithuania. Lithuanian boys have more meals than … Continue reading

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Heart murmur (Interview with a doctor)

Edited interview by the students: Danae Theou, Dimitris Koltsidas, Pavlina Karlatira, Yannis Balamotis, Valy Areniki 1. What is the heart murmur and what tests should be done to diagnose it?

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Yoga (Interview with a yoga teacher)

Pupils attended a yoga session in school and took an interview from a yoga teacher. 1.   What is yoga? Yoga involves physical exercises that help us have a healthy and flexible body. We can have calmness and it has nothing to do with religion. It comes from India. Yoga can also include exercises that look … Continue reading

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Eating habits questionnaire results ( Lithuania)

Eating habits questionnaire results from Lithuania from elenakulbokiene

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What are the most important things for your health?

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