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What drinks are the most favored by Lithuanian and Latvian teenagers?

On  May 2014, students of Plunge academic A.Jucys Basic school from Lithuania  and the students ofDrabešu internāt pamatskola school  from Latvia collaboratedworking together on activity ,,The Drinks’’. The main task was to ask  questions and get the answers working on this activity. So student  groups from each country prepared 4 different questions conserning the drinks. The questions that students asked each other about the drinks were:

  • What drinks are  most popular in your country?
  • What do you drink while eating?
  •  What do you usually drink when you go out with your friends?
  •  Which juice is the most popular in your country?

Bothcountriespeersanswers were verysimilar: in Lithuania and in Latvia most popular drinks are mineral water, juice,tea and coffe.  When lithuanian and latvian boys go out with their friends, they like to drink Coca cola, Sprite, milkshakes and other stuff  like that. The girls more like to drink juice and lemonade or coffe. So Latvians say that the most common drinks among young people are juice and coffee. In Lithuania the most popular tea drinks are tea, coffee and lemonade. Orange juice or various fruit mix juices are the most popular in both countries. In summary it can be said that both Lithuania and Latvia teenagers like to drink the same drinks in many cases.


The post was created by Akvilė Andriusevičiūtė, student from Plunge academic A.Jucys Basic school






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