About Us

Our “Stay Healthy, Stay Fit” etwinning school project is developed by a team of teachers and students from many different european countries. Our students are 12-15 years of age.


Here is a full list which includes all the schools that work together for this project:

1) 3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene, Mytilene, Greece

2) Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius Secondary School, Asenovgrad, Bulgaria

3) 2nd Model – Experimental Secondary School of Athens, Athens, Greece

4) Drabešu internātpamatskola, Amatas novads, Latvia

5) Plunge Academic Adolfas Jucys Basic school, Plunge, Lithuania

6) Immanuel-Kant-Gymnasium, Münster, Germany

7) Primary (Secondary) school in Bošany, Bošany, Slovakia

8) Zespół Szkół Nr 3, Wołomin, Poland (as a visitor)

9) Gimnazjum im.K.I.Gałczynskiego, Płochocin, Poland (as a visitor)

10) Gimnazjum im. Jana Pawła II, Poniatowa, Poland (as a visitor)

11) EScola Básica Integrada de Fragoso – Barcelos, Portugal (as a visitor)

12) Primary School of Polydendri, Polydendri, Attica, Greece (as a visitor)

Please visit our project page for more information.


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