Asenovgrad, Bulgaria

My name is Rumyana Alagyozova. I’m a teacher of English in a secondary school in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria and I am a co-founde of this project. I teach a class of 25 girls aged 14. This is their first year of intensive study of English.
I am 56. I’m married, I have a grown up son and a 2-year-old grandson. I love reading, hiking, travelling and dancing.
Asenovgrad is a small town in the south of Bulgaria at the foot of the Rodopa mountains.
I am providing a map of our area here.

Here is some information about some of my students who participate in this project:

  • Eliyana Aleksieva

Hi.:) I’m Eliyana. I’m fourteen years old.I’m from Asenovgrad,Bulgaria.My hobies are dancing and surfing in the Internet.Hope you like me. 🙂

  • Husnie Dormush

Hi my name is Husnish. I am fourteen and I am from Asenovgrad, Bulgaria. I am very friendly and outgoing person. I love spending time with friends. I can play volleyball and basketball. I love sport. 🙂 Here is my facebook profile. If you want, add me as a friend 🙂

  • Aydghan Mehmed

Hii! My name is Aydjan.My surname is Mehmed. I’m from Asenovgrad in Bulgaria. I’ve got a brother. His name is Akan. He is seven years old. I’m a very friendly outgoing person. I love volleyball. I can play volleyball but not very well. I like rabbits and cats. My favorite lessons in school are Biology and Physical education.


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