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Common Questionnaire about physical activity of students

As a part of the “Stay Healthy, Stay Fit” project, we created a common questionnaire about the physical activity of our students.

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Physical Education activity: differences and similarities

There is no doubt that Physical Education (PE) plays an important role in the life of teenagers. It encourages pupils to learn about their bodies and it promotes health. Of course there are differences and similarities of PE in european schools. How often do pupils have PE courses? Which kinds of sports are taught? Do pupils enjoy … Continue reading

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A recipe for a dessert

Tropical Fruit Salad Ingredients: 500 g strawberries 1 mango 3 Kiwi 1 small banana (s) 1 pineapple 300 g currants For the sauce: 250 g yoghurt 40 g of honey servings Preparation: Working time: about 50 minutes Resting time: 1 hour / Difficulty: smart / Energy value : 250 kcal Wash the strawberries, clean and … Continue reading

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Eating habits of adolescents in Germany comparing and contrasting with Greece

Eating habits in Germany are similar to those in Greece.

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Common Questionnaire about eating habits of students

As a part of this project, we created a common questionnaire about the eating habits of our students. The questionnaire will be given to all 15 schools during December 2013. At least 50 students of each school will participate. For better understanding, in each school the questions will be in the students’ native language. 3 … Continue reading

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