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map“Stay healthy, Stay Fit” is an etwinning school project. This european web magazine includes interesting topics about health education, food, sports, games, environment, and friendship. The main idea is that teenagers learn having fun on the web. They get to know each other and discuss about the issues published in this web magazine. Teachers and students all create posts. Everybody may also ask questions or comment about posts of others.

Students work in teams with the help of their teachers. They participate in activities following a certain plan. Students become little journalists. They make research and publish their articles. Several articles are created with the collaboration of two or more schools.

The basic aims of this projects are:

a) to discover healty food and healthy lifestyle in general

b) to discover the importance of exercise and sports

c) to improve english language skills

d) to research using the internet and learn ICT tools/ web tools

e) to get to know the culture and traditions of other countries and

f) to co-operate and work in groups


You may also learn about the people who are involved in this project. In addition, please also visit our twinspace.


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