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Breakfast in different countries

How is breakfast in different countries? What do students normally have for breakfast? These were only some of the questions that we had in mind when we started this activity. To start with, we created an online wall using padlet. Students and teachers wrote on the wall, providing information about their breakfast. Later, students talked … Continue reading

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Breakfast Survey

A breakfast survey was created by students Parisa Katsakouli and Hlia Pandazopoulou from the 3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene. It includes 9 useful questions about breakfast in different countries. The students built the survey with the Google forms tool.

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My breakfast…Now and Then…

When I was a little boy, I didn’t usually care about breakfast. I guess that having a rich breakfast is not a tradition in Greece. Most people believe that lunch and dinner are the important meals of the day. Maybe that’s because of our warm climate. Anyway, most of the times I couldn’t have a real breakfast … Continue reading

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