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Physical activity questionnaire results – 3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene

During December 2014, 51 students from the 3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene answered the questionnaire about their physical activity. All of them were 13 years old. The students completed the questionnaire during class.

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What drinks are the most favored by Lithuanian and Latvian teenagers?

On  May 2014, students of Plunge academic A.Jucys Basic school from Lithuania  and the students ofDrabešu internāt pamatskola school  from Latvia collaboratedworking together on activity ,,The Drinks’’. The main task was to ask  questions and get the answers working on this activity. So student  groups from each country prepared 4 different questions conserning the drinks. … Continue reading

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The famous greek tzatziki

Ingredients 350grams/12oz Greek yoghurt 1 cucumber 2 tablespoons of lemon juice 2 cloves of garlic, grated finely dash of extra virgin olive oil paprika for sprinkling (optional) Preparation The best result is achieved by peeling and be-seeding the cucumber before grating. Hang the grated cucumber in muslin cloth or a tea towel in order to … Continue reading

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Trees in tears

Between 4 and 7 April 2014, 27 students from our school visited the neighboring island of Chios. Chios is famous for its exports of mastic. It is often referred as “The mastic island”. Mastic is a resin obtained from the mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus). In Greece, it is known as the “tears of Chios” being … Continue reading

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Feta, the greek traditional cheese

Feta is a salted curd cheese made from either sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, or a blend. It is sold in many degrees of firmness, ranging from soft and crumbly to fairly hard. Its flavor varies from mild to sharp. Because it is cured (from a week to several months) and stored in its own salty … Continue reading

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Breakfast in different countries

How is breakfast in different countries? What do students normally have for breakfast? These were only some of the questions that we had in mind when we started this activity. To start with, we created an online wall using padlet. Students and teachers wrote on the wall, providing information about their breakfast. Later, students talked … Continue reading

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Results from the eating habits questionnaire in Primary School of Polydendri

During January 2014, 6th grade pupils from the Primary School of Polydendri conducted a short survey about eating habits in Polydendri, using the same questionnaire with our eTwinning partners. 98 pupils and 29 adults answered the questionnaire. You can see the results here and compare them with yours… Results Polydendri

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A recipe for a dessert

Tropical Fruit Salad Ingredients: 500 g strawberries 1 mango 3 Kiwi 1 small banana (s) 1 pineapple 300 g currants For the sauce: 250 g yoghurt 40 g of honey servings Preparation: Working time: about 50 minutes Resting time: 1 hour / Difficulty: smart / Energy value : 250 kcal Wash the strawberries, clean and … Continue reading

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Breakfast Survey

A breakfast survey was created by students Parisa Katsakouli and Hlia Pandazopoulou from the 3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene. It includes 9 useful questions about breakfast in different countries. The students built the survey with the Google forms tool.

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Yogurt Fantasy, A Delicious And Healthy Dessert

This delicious dessert can be prepared in 10 minutes or less!

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