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Greek traditional dances – Interview

It’s a fact that traditional dances are a very important part of greek culture. How many of you are familiar with the movie “Zorba the greek”? Pupils from the 3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene visited “Arion” dance school and took an interview from the director, K. Agkopian. After the interview, a powerpoint presentation was created including most … Continue reading

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Results of Physical Activity questionnaire

In December 2014, 252 students of our school answered an online questionnaire during the lesson of informatics. The survey was designed using the surveymonkey platform. After the conduction the students were separated in two groups. The 1st one created graphs and the second  one presented the results. Both groups decided about the remarkable points of … Continue reading

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Common Questionnaire about physical activity of students

As a part of the “Stay Healthy, Stay Fit” project, we created a common questionnaire about the physical activity of our students.

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Physical Education activity: differences and similarities

There is no doubt that Physical Education (PE) plays an important role in the life of teenagers. It encourages pupils to learn about their bodies and it promotes health. Of course there are differences and similarities of PE in european schools. How often do pupils have PE courses? Which kinds of sports are taught? Do pupils enjoy … Continue reading

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“Active lifestyles” video‏

The following video was created to imprint most of the physical activities that students of our school enjoyed during the school year 2013-2014. Extreme sports took place in Northwestern Greece.

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What is your favourite Physical Activity?

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Physical Education Survey

This survey is about physical education in different countries. It was created by Alkiviadis Rahanis, Dimitris Makaronis and Antonis Zafeirellis at 3rd Gymnasium of Mytilene. The questions are optional. Thank you for your participation!

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Yoga (Interview with a yoga teacher)

Pupils attended a yoga session in school and took an interview from a yoga teacher. 1.   What is yoga? Yoga involves physical exercises that help us have a healthy and flexible body. We can have calmness and it has nothing to do with religion. It comes from India. Yoga can also include exercises that look … Continue reading

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